SAC Minutes


MAY 2020


Tumpane Public School Advisory Council Minutes




Date: 28th May, 2020 

(Virtual Meeting)



Location: Online – Google Meet




Tumpane and TDSB Staff





SAC Executive


Time: 7:00 p.m.




Attendees: 22 Present



Elizabeth Schaeffer (Principal), 

Genevieve Robinson (Vice-Principal) 

Suzanne Cardarelli (FDK)

Michelle Givens



Simone and Tammy (Co-Chairs), Cindy (Treasurer),

Headley (Fundraising Rep), Colette (Secretary)




With a majority of the attendees present, the Principal and Co-Chairs called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. Attendees were invited to introduce themselves.







a.       There has been a small delay with distribution of the $50 grocery cards.   Asking parents to be patient in receiving their card a there was a large request in this program.  

b.       TDSB will be providing a series of summer learning opportunities for students: Summer

School Remote Learning: Hybrid Remote Summer Credit Program (Secondary)

School/Summer-School e-Summer Program



a.       Summer School: to be handled online for Summer 2020

b.       Devices: only about 5 kids who haven’t received it. To be received shortly (delivery, etc.)

c.       Graduation online: in the works. To email Schaeffer to join the committee


i.      Grade 5 parents will get email soon

d.       Welcome to JK presentation for JK + SK kids for incoming parents

e.       Dress code: in a year to do a vote….. but due to format, we would need a public mtg.  

i.      NEED TO POSTPONE until we postpone

f.        Snack program – $40k remaining in budget. Reports conducted for 2021 + grants + supporting JK

g.       Scheduled time to retrieve items (before June 26) – more info to follow

i.      Teachers will package all items for the parents



h.       Sept 2020 – to be determined with public health and province. Online learning til June.  

i.         Report cards format to be shared soon (i.e. format). Marking for SECOND TERM ONLY. j.Violin group – to be notified. 

k. Grade 5 photos – edge to drop photos at school




a.       balance $4648.64  

i. move-a-thon, $7571.80 = $12,220.34

b.       expenses: $4378.37

c.       balance: $7841.97 as of April 30




a.       for 2021: fundraising – Pasternak: walk thru has been postponed

b.       Headley - grants: best buy has been postponed. There are grants that Tumpane would qualify

i.        Schaeffer - Indigo grant: hopefully we’re hear soon (waiting on indigo and Ms


c.       Outdoor spaces at Tumpane to be reviewed. Reaching out to facilities. Managed to get a date to have it online. Monday June 8 th at 230pm. working with the facilities team and architect to see what can be done in the community. TDSB will look at funding to see what they can provide (i.e. drainage, etc.). Then WE have to decide how we have to advocate.   ACT: Please email Elizabeth if parents want to be involved.

d.       Simone - fundraising options. For 2020/2021 – so many question marks in terms of planning something.

i.        T-shirt idea, etc.

ii.      Most group ideas may not be good at this point.

e.       Demand for technology was more than the supply.  




a.       Question for Parminder: PRO Grant – trustees have the funds and the events were put on hold.  

b.       Grade 5 transition info – Beverly heights. They plan on having an online event. Tentative with Pierre Laporte

c.       All students will be moving on!

d.       Start times: changed 915 -330 (lunch 45 mins)

e.       Staffing:   lost 1 FI +support staff, lunch supervisor, 2 teachers going on leave

f.        Enrollment low for 2021



There being no other business the meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Enjoy the Summer